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We are a community of faith gathered for Friendship in Christ and committed to enjoying each others company, striving to bring the
best out of each other, and sharing a commitment to a common good outside of ourselves.

The character of our parish is defined by those who choose to be generous toward all in need, who choose to commit themselves and their families to Gospel values, who choose to be hospitable to friends and strangers, and who choose to be joyful and grateful in their daily way of life.

With the Eyes of Faith we believe that we are called to make a difference in the lives of our friends, neighbors, and all in the community.  We welcome and invite all to join us in the practice of faith that makes Jesus Christ present and powerful in this place, at this time.  With each others’ support, if we can imagine doing it, we will!




Religious Education





Our current Mass schedule is:
Tuesday - Friday 8:00am; Saturday evening at 4:00pm; and Sunday morning at 9:30am
Please Note:
The Archbishop has given a general dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation will remain in place for all Catholics of the archdiocese until further notice.  In other words, there is NO OBLIGATION to attend Mass.
Danger of being infected by the virus is strong for those age 60+.
Everyone attending Mass must wear a mask.  Seating will be set in every other pew to allow for 6 foot distancing.  Blue dots have been placed at 6 foot intervals on the front of every other pew. Due to social distancing, there is a limit of 80 persons per Mass.
Further instruction and guideline will be shared prior to the beginning of the Liturgy.
Thursday, November 26th is Thanksgiving.  Our morning Mass for that day is 9:00am.
Contributions on this day support our St. Vincent De Paul Society.
Reconciliation for the month of December:
Thursday, December 3, 4-5pm
Thursday, December 10, 2-3pm
Monday, December 14, 7-8pm
Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th, will be at 9am and 7pm.
There is no obligation to attend Mass on this day


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Online Giving

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